Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is one of the most hazardous areas of any house as water is an excellent conductor of electricity. The consequences of electric shocks are far more fatal in a bathroom as compared to other areas of the house. Stay safe in the bathroom by ensuring that:

  • Any electric installation is only undertaken by a registered and experienced electrician.
  • All the electric sockets and switches are at a safe distance from the shower and the water heater.
  • All the installations comply with the Part P regulations for electrical installation in bathrooms.
  • Sockets are installed at least three meters away from the shower.
  • All the light fittings are safely enclosed.
  • Water heaters are permanently wired.
  • Main-powered portable appliances such as hairdryers and radios are used outside the bathroom.
  • A central heating system is installed to keep the bathroom warm during winters.
  • The pull-cord controlling the heater is placed outside the bathroom.
  • A GFCI electrical outlet is installed for protection from potential hazards.