MPCB are used to manually turn on and off electric motors and at the same time protect them from different types of faults occurring in motors.

MPCBs can protect motors against overload, short circuits, phase loss and under-voltage faults. MPCBs are specially designed for motor protection. Maximum load current can be set based on the full load current of the motor. MPCBs are selected based on the full load current of motors and maximum possible short circuit current. MPCBs can withstand the starting currents without interrupting the circuit. MPCBs have an adjustable bimetallic strip for overload protection. This strip can be adjusted between two set values. A Motor can be directly turned ON and OFF manually using an MPCB, contactor is optional.

Benefits of MPCB

  • Motor Protection
  • Isolation
  • Phase failure protection
  • Current limiting Short Circuit Protection
  • Class 10 trip class protection
  • Tested for Icu / Ics at 690V
  • Ambient temperature compensation
  • Common accessories for complete range